Our digital solutions


Document exchange and storage platform

  • Secure file sharing
  • Document validation workflow
  • Electronic signature module
  • Data hosted in Luxembourg
  • Transmission of electronic payslips (e-payslip)
  • Virtual safe for payslips
Available on
More information and helpdesk: connect@bakertilly.lu

Collaborative accounting platform

  • Fast and easy transfer of accounting documents
  • Digital archives
  • Less administration, less time
  • Constant view of figures in real time via customized dashboards
  • One-click extraction of financial reports
  • Can be integrated with a simplified invoicing platform
Available on
More information and helpdesk: demat@bakertilly.lu

Remote connection to our accounting software

  • Secure access from any device via a dedicated server
  • Financial data visualization
  • 24/7 access
More information and helpdesk: gateway@bakertilly.lu

Coming soon:

a new payment solution